Connecticut Golf Courses Remain Open


Molly Eldredge, Staff Writer

As the coronavirus pandemic is affecting every corner of the world, measures are being
taken everywhere for the safety of all people. In America, individual states are taking action
based on what they think is best for their residents. In Connecticut, Governor Ned Lamont has
enforced a stay-at-home order. This order has forced many businesses to shut down for the time
being with some important exceptions like the grocery store. A recent Stamford Advocate article
titled “Stamford Golf Courses open Friday with strict safety guidelines” talks about how many
towns in Connecticut have made golf courses one of these exceptions of staying open. Stamford,
however, has closed down its two golf courses until now. Stamford has now decided they are
going to reopen these courses along with strict safety measures to ensure the safety of everyone.
I agree that it is a good idea to open golf courses. As long as they are making sure
everyone is following all the safety measures I see no problem in doing this. With most people
cooped up and working at home, it can be boring. Golf courses are great outlets for those who
like to golf and want to get some fresh air. It is a great place for people to clear their minds and
de-stress. I view golf courses a lot like parks, and if parks can be opened why can’t golf courses
be? The article explains how golf is an activity where you don’t need to worry about distance
because people are spread out on the course anyways. This is true; since we have the rule of “six
feet apart” it is difficult for many activities to happen following this rule, but the distance is one
aspect that golf courses don’t need to worry about. Reopening the golf courses in Stamford also
allows employees to come back to work and earn some money. As explained in the article,
Sterling Farm and E. Gaynor Brennan Golf Courses are taking extra safety precautions in this re-
opening. With golf, there is not a lot of touching of different objects (except the golfers’ own
equipment) or contact with other people. The degree of safety measures being taken should give
people no doubt that it is okay to open golf courses.

Overall the decision to open up the golf courses in Stamford is a great idea for everyone.
It benefits both players and employees. I believe this is a great small step in the right direction to
getting back to normal (we gotta start somewhere). It gives people hope that there is light at the
end of this dark tunnel.