The Met Gala: Fashion’s Boldest Night


Time Magazine

Actress and singer Zendaya puts on a performance in her Cinderella inspired gown with stylist Law Roach.

Kathryn Zingone, Reporter

Every year, hundreds of A-Listers and influential people enter the hustle and bustle of New York City, eager to attend the Met Gala. With each year dedicated to a new theme, the show has become a way for celebrities to push the limits on fashion trends, debuting out-there and eccentric looks. The gala, formally called the Costume Institute and also known as the Met Ball, is an annual fundraising benefit for the Metropolitan Museum Of Art in New York City.

This years theme was “Camp: Notes on Fashion” which calls for bizarre dress, colorful patterns, busy prints, and daring accessories. Fashion Icons like Kylie Jenner and Lady Gaga embodied the theme to a tee, walking the famous “pink carpet” in show stopping works of art.

The tedious process taken to make and design Kylie Jenner’s 2019 Met Gala look cannot be underestimated, as Donatella Versace herself spent months overlooking every step. The original sketches for the dress were drawn four months prior to the gala and featured a “monochromatic purple crystal mesh gown trimmed in hand-painted ostrich plumes” (Vogue).

The dress was also accessorized with matching feathered sleeves and a feathered hat. In order to hug Jenner’s famous curves, the Versace team crafted a second skin, designed especially for her to fit her. Along with the dress, she accessorized with a long purple wig and sultry makeup, allowing her look to catch the eyes of many and gain lots of online praise.

Lady Gaga, along with Zac Efron and three others hosted the Met Gala this year, making it crucial for them to go big and beyond with their looks. Lady Gaga turned heads when she walked the carpet for a total of 16 minutes, showing off four separate looks. Starting her famous walk with a flowy hot pink gown, she had an entire team behind her constantly moving and adjusting the dress as she walked. She also accessorized with a platinum blonde wig and hot pink bow, all designed by Brenden Maxwell.

Once she made sure all eyes were on her, Gaga then stepped out of the fuchsia masterpiece to reveal a strapless black dress with a side poof detail. She ditched the bow for a huge black umbrella, which she carried high above her for photos and snapshots. However, she was far from done, and turned back around to unveil a tight silky hot pink dress.

As the crowd watched mesmerized, many wondered if this was the last reveal- yet Lady Gaga had not come to play. Along with the silky dress she carried a vintage cordless phone, only adding to the quirkiness of her style. Just when it seemed as though there was nothing else Lady Gaga could possibly model, she stripped to show a black bra and underwear set. Paired with fishnet tights and insanely tall platform boots, the bedazzled look glittered under the flashes from paparazzi. Of course she made sure to change accessories yet again, this time carrying a pink rolling cart containing liquor and cowboy hats. These four different looks broke the internet, grabbing the attention of millions.

Over the years, the Met Gala has morphed into a way for top fashion brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci to create intricate works of art, worn by the top celebrities of the time. The fundraiser celebrates creativity, which is perfect for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The gala is also held in one of the most artistic cities of the world, only adding to the craziness. The Met Gala is highly anticipated throughout the year, and who knows what fashion 2020 will bring.