Creative “Promposals” Take SHS By Storm

SHS – Senior Cole Cahoon created an elaborate scavenger hunt as a promposal to his girlfriend, Brycelin Stalteri.

Lauren Ferrajina, Reporter

Promposals are the newest and latest trend to go around high schools across the world, and they truly show how prom is a huge deal. The more creative your promposal is, the more you get noticed. The Stamford High prom is always one of the events that everyone looks forward to in their junior and senior years. The expensive dresses, outrageous makeup, and weeks of planning all show how everyone takes prom really seriously. That’s not a bad thing, however, since it makes everyone come together to have a great time. I am attending this year’s senior prom, so I have seen some promposals roll in, but there will be many more in the coming weeks. In this article, we will be highlighting some of the best promposals from this year so far.

The surprise promposal is always the best, and you can never see it coming. On a regular day, your prom date can prompose to you and it can make your day, week, or even year. Some couples in relationships go all out for these promposals, incorporating their friends, teachers, and even props. Senior Brycelin Stalteri thought it was just going to be a normal day hanging out with her friends, but as soon as she got into her friend’s car, she was in for a surprise. Brycelin said, “My friends took me on a scavenger hunt all around Stamford and we had to find multiple clues. It took a while, but we all ended up at my prom date’s house and he surprised me with a poster and balloons that spelled out ‘PROM’. I loved this promposal!”

Having her friends involved made for the best experience for her, her date, and everyone involved.

Some promposals aren’t as extravagant, but they still are great and creative enough to have everyone shocked and surprised. Senior Rebecca Ferrante was waiting for months to get her promposal from fellow senior Ross Green, and when it finally happened, she couldn’t have been happier. He casually asked her to prom in March, but she had no idea if she was getting a promposal or not. Like Stalteri, Ferrante thought it was just a normal day, but Green finally knew how to ask her. Ferrante said, “It took him long enough! Ross texted me two months ago asking if I say yes if he asked me. So I said, ‘yes of course, but ask me the right way.’ About a month and a half later he asked me the right way, and it was much better than expected, especially because within the promposal, he incorporated the most important thing in my life, the drama club.”

Being friends with someone all throughout high school and going to prom with them is always a great outcome.

Sometimes, though, the roles are reversed, and the girls are the ones asking their prom dates out. In today’s society, it is totally okay to have the roles reversed, and these girls at Stamford High are not afraid to stand out. Sometimes, people buy expensive things for their prom date to make their promposal even more creative and meaningful. Senior Kyhra Serrano’s boyfriend doesn’t attend Stamford High, so it was even more important and special for her to ask him. Serrano said, “I felt it was my duty to prompose to him, and I knew I had to if I wanted to make my last big high school event special. I also surprised him and he had no idea that I would be promposing before going to see a movie. I thought I did a great promposal and it is something my boyfriend and I can always look back on.”

Standing with a poster and balloons waiting for your prom date is always the most nerve wracking thing, but once they say yes, it will always be one of the best memories to look back at.

Making your own poster is creative and unique, but some are even better than others. Having the talent and ability to make a poster that your prom date loves always pays off in the end, no matter how long it takes. Senior Ivy Zingone made her poster by hand, all by herself and it took her a month and a half to paint. She said, “For me, promposing was a great experience because I really wanted to make something memorable and special. It took a long time because I could only work on it in some classes, but his reaction definitely made it worth it.”

Being an artist and making your own promposal always makes for the best reactions, which (obviously) you have to catch on camera.

Promposals in the 21st century have become so popular, that sometimes if you don’t prompose to your significant other, you get looked down upon. The insane amount of time and money that go into prom makes it one of the most special nights of your teenage years. The promposals happening at Stamford High are creative and unique, and they will only get better with years to come.