Why Netflix is the Beginning of the End for Network Television


Rose Gallagher, Staff Writer

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Have you heard everyone talking about that new movie on Netflix? Probably, because Netflix is now overruling television providers all over the world by offering various features that TV providers do not give to their audiences. This phenomenon is catching many eyes and wallets, as it is also very inexpensive. This media platform has created a great deal of original content, and has also taken cancelled network shows and created a new home for them to continuously be enjoyed. Netflix has also created original shows and movies for their platform.

Some of these shows include, “Designated Survivor” from CBS, about a cabinet member who quickly becomes the President of the United States after many officials are killed by a bomb during the State of Union. Netflix has decided to produce a third season after CBS cancelled the show due to production costs and other setbacks, according to Variety magazine. In addition to this, the well-loved show “Full House,” about the Tanner family whose life is flipped around by the loss of a family member, now has a spin-off because of Netflix. The first show was cancelled by ABC back in 1995. The spin-off, “Fuller House,” fast-forward 20 years, showing how all the characters have grown up. It has been very successful since its debut last year.

In 2013 Netflix produced their first original, a show named “House Of Cards,” about a congressman who strives to get revenge on people who have treated him poorly; this show ran until 2018. Since that premier, Netflix now has created around a total of 700 TV shows through 2018 and continues to make content.

Another huge success for the company was Stranger Things, a story based in the 1980’s about a girl name Eleven who has supernatural powers and shows up in town just after a boy, Will, goes missing. Stranger Things has won several awards including two Emmy Awards.

Marvel superhero, Daredevil, had his own show on Netflix from 2013-2018 that did exceptionally well; it also got nominated for an Emmy but did not win the award. In late 2018, Netflix came out with one of its most popular movies Birdbox, that got everyone’s attention as it was different from many other movies. In this film, a mother and her two kids leave their home as the population is decreasing due to a weird monster to find a safe place, all while covering their eyes. This movie has influenced our society in a big way; there are even online challenges and games people have made from this film.

Between their reboots and original material, Netflix has a lot going for it over television. You can watch these shows anytime you want as long as they are on the platform. When it comes to television, you can record what you please but your shows are removed from DVR after 14 days. A wider variety of different shows are also available on Netflix, making it easier for parents and their kids to find something to watch.

When it comes down to the best source of shows and movies, Netflix has the most to offer for audiences – which may be the beginning of the end for network television.

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