The iPhone X: Worth It or Not?

November 10, 2017

The iPhone X is Apple’s latest and biggest product in 2017. Great quality comes with a great price. Need help deciding whether you should buy it? Take a look at two contrasting articles that explore the benefits and downsides of buying the iPhone X.

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Why You Shouldn’t Buy the iPhone X

The iPhone X is the newest and latest smartphone released by Apple, along with the iPhone 8. There has been a lot of talk surrounding the product and people saying that it should be in everyone’s hand, but there are multiple reasons why you shouldn’t buy the iPhone X.

With any new generation smartphone there will always be physical or technical difficulties. Going based off products in the past such as the iPhone 6 with the ‘Bendgate’ and the iPhone 4 with antenna problems, the iPhone X is bound to have defect.

The price of the phone is probably the worst problem about it. The iPhone X can be bought in two different models. One model is priced at an expensive $999 with 64GB of storage, while the other is a non-affordable $1,149 containing 256GB of storage. Buying this product at these prices for some people seems to be understandable, but it really isn’t something every person should spend cash on. Purchasing this iPhone only shows that Apple can price their products at any price and people will still sacrifice a week’s paycheck just so they can have the latest product. Instead, people should buy the other recently released iPhones, the iPhone 8 priced at $699 or the iPhone 8 Plus at $799. Both phones are quality products that are almost as good as the iPhone X at more affordable prices.

Not only is the iPhone X the most expensive iPhone ever to be released, it is also the the first ever iPhone to not have a home button. This resulted in the removal of the Touch ID feature. Rather, the Touch ID was replaced with Face ID, one of the main attractions to purchasing the phone. Now, people can unlock their phone by simply looking at the newly installed TrueDepth camera, but you have to have your eyes open in order for it to activate.

Face ID is an innovative addition, but what would happen when the camera breaks? Despite accessing your phone through the basic entering of a pass code, not being able to access your phone with Face ID would be quite annoying. If the front camera does break, it will be a struggle to fix, and it would most likely cost an abundant amount of cash to repair since it is a newly designed phone.

Speaking of repairs, the most expensive iPhone to ever exist has the most expensive repair costs. According to Apple, it will cost $279 for iPhone X screen repairs and for other damages to the phone itself (i.e internal damages), the cost starts at $549. You better hold on to that phone for your dear life.

Regardless of Apple’s claim that the iPhone X has “the most durable glass ever in a smartphone”, people should still be cautious about dropping their phone. Past iPhone models are infamous for how fragile they are when dropped without protective cases. Even so, there’s already evidence that shows the weak durability of the phones as the cracks on the back and front of the phones depict that the iPhone X and its glass casing are something to contemplate about before buying it. It would be financial nightmare if your new phone were to break days after buying it.

Moreover, new “wireless” charging was added to the iPhone X. Only problem with this is that it’s not really wireless. To charge the phone “wirelessly” you need to place it on top of a charging pad that is connected to a wire cable, which needs to be inserted into an outlet. So is it really wireless charging or not?

Although some qualities standout in this new device, the price for the phone does not represent its entire worth. Of course, there are amazing features introduced with this phone that distinguish it from the alternatives that include the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. But nothing is perfect about this phone that puts price tags at $999 and $1,149. The risks of buying the phone aren’t to be taken, especially for such a recent, prominent product.

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    Why You Should Buy the iPhone X

    If you feel your phone is outdated or you’re looking for a new fit, then the iPhone X is your best bet. The iPhone X is a beautiful device with new innovations that make it one of the best iPhones to ever exist.

    First off, the design and display of the phone are such a pleasure to the eye. One of the major new modifications to the phone is the 5.8-inch Super Retina screen that fills the entire front of the phone. Furthermore, the phone is made of the most durable glass ever: surgical-grade stainless steel. So you don’t have to worry as much if you accidentally drop your phone compared to other iPhone models. The new iPhone is more durable than previous versions. Also, the phone is confirmed to be water and dust resistant, so there’s no need to worry about small spills on an iPhone X.

    The cameras of the iPhone X are undoubtedly some of its best features. The front-facing camera has received a big upgrade in quality compared to the past iPhones, as it became the TrueDepth camera. The iPhone X has a new feature in portrait mode selfies that take beautiful selfies that capture the focused face with great sharpness and detail as the background is blurred perfectly. In addition, the new portrait lighting aspect produces studio-quality lighting effects that make selfie qualities even better.

    We also can’t forget about the cameras on the back of the phone. The iPhone X has improved, dual 12MP cameras installed with multiple qualities that make it a great camera. The telephoto cameras utilize optical image stabilization and fast lenses for taking marvelous photos and videos. Similar to the front facing camera, the cameras also possess the portrait lighting feature that includes multiple lighting effects to alter the pictures to whatever you find pleasing to the eye.

    Another new feature of the iPhone X is Face ID which allows you to unlock your phone with just a look at the camera. Security and efficiency has never looked better! With Face ID, your face is now your password. It is considerably a secure and private new way to unlock your phone and download applications.

    Aside from those features, there are also other additions that should be noticed. Some mentions include wireless charging with the AirPower mat, augmented reality experiences in games and other apps, and other features. Another fun app introduced in the iPhone X are Animojis: emojis that mirror your expressions.

    It is evident that Apple worked really hard for the creation of the iPhone X  in order to appeal to the people’s interest. Besides the expected upgrades in the phone such as processing speed, power efficiency, and other technical improvements, the iPhone X comes with a bunch of convenient tools and phenomenal features that users can find useful or even fun to use. It would be totally worth it to try it for yourself.

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