Knights Fall Short in City Championship Game


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Black Knight Nation via Selfie Stick.

Dorothy Toth, Staff Writer

Last night on January 7, the Stamford High Black Knights Boys Basketball team took on the Westhill Vikings to battle it out on the court for the city title. The game started off with a tie between both teams until Westhill took the lead not long after. However, the Knights did not lose hope and stayed close behind the Vikings coming back with multiple layups and dunks.

After halftime, the Stamford high boys revived on momentum and ended up taking the lead for most of the second half. They stayed strong and kept a decent gap of points scored against the vikings. Unfortunately, Westhill did not give up so easily either and began catching up in the last few minutes of the game. Towards the very end, both teams were now neck to neck with only a one point difference, and the pressure on the players continued to rise as well. At just 11 seconds left in the game, Westhill came back with a dunk that put them at 45 to 42, and just before you know it, the buzz went off and the whole court went silent when the reality hit that the SHS boys just lost the city title.

Although they may have lost the city rivals game, the boys are still pushing to hopefully enter into FCIACS and the States Championships for the remaining games left in the season.