How to: Dress Up for Decades Day

How to: Dress Up for Decades Day

Colby Stalteri and Emma Smith

Every year at Stamford High School, the week of Thanksgiving is spirit week. This year’s spirit week is starting off with “Decades Day” on November 23. Each class is assigned a different decade:

Seniors – 60’s

Juniors – 70’s

Sophomores – 80’s

Freshmen – 90’s

Here are some ideas of what your outfit could look like next week:


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The late 60’s consisted of bright swirls, tie-dye shirts, and long hair. Fringe was also very in outfits.










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The 70’s fashion trends were tight pants that flare at the bottom and platform shoes – basically more exaggerated trends from the 60’s.









80's pt 2
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The 80’s wardrobe included neon colors, bright makeup, teased hair, and bright accessories such as hoop earrings, sunglasses and stacked bangles.







90's 2
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Flannel shirts, baseball caps, and high rise jeans were all part of the 90’s. Loose fitting crop tops were commonly worn by women and hip-hop inspired outfits were worn by men.