SHS Ship Show

Stamford High’s Improv Troupe, SHIP, takes the stage on Friday the 19th at eight p.m. in the small auditorium! The show features a variety of totally improvised comedy skits performed by Stamford High Students. Led by captains John Bolognino and Lalith Goli, the cast
will include Elder Rivera, Justin Villard, Emma Valerio, Bella Sorial, Brett Lubliner, Neisha Betux, and Augustus Doricko (Gus the Bus). All are welcome to attend for free to share a night of good laughs. “SHIP is not bad and you should see it,” says SHS junior
Cara Grasso, an improv groupie. “SHIP ain’t not good and you shouldn’t
not see it,” reiterates sophomore Andrew Patashnik. SHIP, advised by Mr. Bobby Pavia, meets every Wednesday from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. When asked to describe improv captain John Bolognino says, “Improv is an excellent way to grow as a performer and a human being
who says things, thinking on your feet is invaluable no matter who you are. Also the show won’t be a non-un-not good time so you definitely shouldn’t avoid not un-going.”

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