The Wolf of Wall Street an obscene success in the theaters.


Dorothy Toth, Staff Writer

The Wolf of Wall Street was a spectacular film that can change people’s perspective on life inside Wall Street. This movie had some powerful insight about Wall Street all from the plot itself. The plot was captivating, and, unlike a lot of other films, it was not predictable at all, and was very honest in its story line.
Leonardo Dicaprio played a young man named Jordan Belfort, who made a huge name for himself in Wall Street. Belfort was a Long Island penny stockbroker who ended up creating a huge brokerage firm with his partner Donny Azoff, played by Jonah Hill. Stratford-Oakmont, Jordan and Donny’s firm grew fairly quickly from a staff of only 20 to 250 plus and put their status on Wall Street into the limelight. Unfortunately, as the business expanded and grew wealthier, so did the lies and the crimes along with it.
This movie showed a lot of the people that Wall Street workers deal with and the truth behind every dollar they make. It portrayed the trouble that money can create and how vices like drugs, alcohol, and sex has become an addition to their lives in order to function and run the businesses they own.
This movie broke the record of having the most F-bombs dropped in its script (over 500, an average of 2.5 per minute)! Overall, Leonardo Dicaprio was phenomenal in playing Jordan Belfort’s character. He was fully believable and very deserving of an Oscar for this performance. So, if you want to see a movie that is unpredictable and honest, I recommend this movie. But if you don’t like to watch anything related to drugs, alcohol, sex, money, greed and what they do to people, then this might not be the movie for you.